Creativity is in My Bones

Photography has been a part of me from the time I can remember. I am the son of a Professional Photographer who was an aerial reconnaissance photographer for the Navy during the Korean War. When I was old enough to assist my father on shooting gigs, I was taught to take light meter readings, then set aperture settings on lenses for the proper f-stop. It was not long before I had a camera in
my hands and I fell in love with seeing the world through a lens.

Fast forward to the present, to get up to speed with the digital age, I took classes at Furman University and Rocky Mountain School of Photography to learn about ISO, histograms and the digital darkroom. I found it to be the best of both worlds. I had the discipline of setting up the shot (film and developing are expensive!) and quickly realized the freedom of checking the histogram to make sure that everything was in sync.

Videography and Editing

As a visual artist, when I realized the power of video capture of a DSLR my
creative muse was unleashed. With the help of my daughter who was a film major at USC (and a brutally honest critic), I found a passion that totally consumed me. As the years rolled by I made and edited dozens of videos for family, friends, and clients. Then one day while working on a volunteer project for NAMI, I sent an email inquiring about licensing fees to Real Music®, and no sooner had I hit send then my phone rang. It was Chuck Wild, creator and composer of Liquid Mind®. In short, I was in total disbelief that I was talking to my favorite Emmy Award-nominated New Age composer. As a mental health advocate, the Maestro was very interested in my project. Chuck not only took me under his wing teaching me about film editing but acquired a Pro-bono License from Real Music®.

I also recently completed the Master Class by famed documentarian Ken Burns.

My Promise to You

I take very, very seriously the responsibility of your audio, video and photographic family heritage. I will put my heart and soul into every project as if were my own family.

My kindest regards,
Mike Hawkins
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