Our #1 Service is Customer Service

It’s about more than just photo and video editing.

Most of our services involve editing your priceless videos and photos, and we take that very seriously. We know the idea of mailing your videotapes to an unknown source is rather terrifying, so part of our service to you is finding a convenient time and location in Upstate South Carolina to hand-off the items.

Once the items are in our possession, we will take care of those VHS tapes, vacation slides, or old family photos as if they are our own. Our primary service to you is understanding how important these family treasures are! We will get them back to you in a format that allows you to enjoy them again.

Video Conversions

We can convert your VHS, 8mm, and some other old video formats to digital and then put them on customized DVDs.

Audio Cassettes to Digital

When is the last time you listened to a cassette tape? Let us convert your old cassettes to digital so you can listen to those 90’s mixtapes, radio interviews, childhood recordings, and Grateful Dead shows once again.

Slides, Negatives, and Photos

We will scan your 35mm photos, slides, and even negatives and provide digital versions, including color correction and other edits. We will then upload these to your favorite cloud-based photo service or provide you with a CD/DVD of all the files — it’s up to you.

Video Editing

If you have video footage that needs to be edited for a specific use, such as a sports highlight reel, we can do that. Or perhaps you want to simply cut out the 10 minutes when you accidentally videotaped the floor on Christmas morning. Whatever your needs we are capable of editing your movies to be more watchable and engaging.

Video Montages

Birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, retirement parties — whatever the occasion, let us put together a special video to help you celebrate. We can combine still photos (which we can scan, or you can provide in digital format), video, and audio to create a memorable montage for all types of celebrations.

Portrait Photography

Headshots, senior photos, family portraits, and more — we will work with you to get the perfect shots and then provide you with edited versions.

Pricing & Payment

Each of our services is customized based on your needs, so it’s hard to provide definitive pricing up-front. Pricing is based on a number of factors such as:

  • The number of conversions we are doing (scanning 20 slides is very different from scanning 250 slides)
  • The amount of editing
  • The formats we are working with
  • The complexity of the project

We will be transparent about our pricing and provide you with a quote before beginning work.

In some situations, a partial payment may be required up front; in other situations, an invoice will be sent after the work is complete. Payments can be made via PayPal or personal check, and invoices will be provided.

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